Tiberiu Oltean

The portrait of an engineer

Mr. Tiberiu Oltean, 37 years old, having an engineer background (IT) being involved in developing E-RES projects (small hydro and PV) of a period of app 8 years (2009-2015),(2021-2022).

In 2013 he developed the biggest PV power project in Romania of 45 MW.

PV 45 MW

SHP - small hydroelectric power experince

Projects in total over 12MW

Since 2010, for almost 5 years, Tiberiu Oltean has developed three renewable energy projects that, if carried out, were worth over 30 million Euros. It is about the installation of three MHC (Micro hydropower plants of approximately 12MW), in Sovata, Orăștie and in Râmnicu Vâlcea. 

IT & Medical Research

„Tiberiu Oltean, the programmer of ambitious projects” Elita Romaniei Magazine 

Academy of Medical Sciences


From 2017 Tiberiu Oltean designed the computer system of the National Research System: SINA (AngioNET), a 22 million Euro project. He is responsible for the implementation of the modern computer system that underlies AngioNET, ensuring the online communication of medical data, as well as the results obtained in research.


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